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The System

The strategy I share that we've used to grow ZenMaid using LinkedIn can be boiled down to 3 simple points: 1) Engage on LinkedIn Groups and build your reputation 2) Connect with, and message, the members of the LinkedIn Groups from Step 1 3) Once you have some social...

How to Turn Off Birthday Notifications on LinkedIn

Has your birthday started to feel like a bit of a hassle? Maybe you could do without all those generic “Happy Birthday!” LinkedIn messages from people you haven’t seen in years, and to be honest, barely recognize? (Is that Susan from high school, or Susan from my...

How to setup LinkedIn Matched Audiences!

The new LinkedIn Matched Audiences can help you retarget all your leads Everyone's favorite professional social network can now help you retarget your contact list and website visitors with ease. Here’s a quick how-to. As of a few days ago LinkedIn added a...

Comprehensive LinkedIn Marketing – The Book Outline

UPDATE 6/22/2017 The book is now out! If you're interested in investing into your business and using LinkedIn to take you to the next level click the link below and I'll send you the book PLUS answer any questions you may have 🙂 The...

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