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About MarketingOnLinked.In

MarketingOnLinked.In is a community focused on Comprehensive LinkedIn Marketing for entrepreneurs, marketers, and sales people. Here you’ll learn how to use LinkedIn groups, outbound messaging, and paid advertising to collect leads and new customers for your business like clockwork.

The Book

We’re currently working hard to publish our new book, Comprehensive LinkedIn Marketing, the step-by-step strategy guide to selling your products and service consistently. [link] Get started with the strategy today by joining our email list. We’ll send you the blueprint to LinkedIn groups. [/link]

About Amar Ghose

Amar Ghose is the CEO at ZenMaid Software and founder of MarketingOnLinked.In. He spent the last few years learning how to market his business on LinkedIn and created MarketingOnLinked.In to share with you what’s worked for us … and what hasn’t …

When not working Amar enjoys travel, futbol, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu


You can reach Amar at or our contact form here

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We research and apply everything we can find to market our business (ZenMaid) on LinkedIn. Join our list for regular updates on our experiments, links to the most useful content we find, and reviews of the best paid products on the market.

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