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The new LinkedIn Matched Audiences can help you retarget all your leads

Everyone’s favorite professional social network can now help you retarget your contact list and website visitors with ease. Here’s a quick how-to.

As of a few days ago LinkedIn added a new option “LinkedIn Matched Audiences”, into their self-serve advertising you can see in the Targeting section of any new campaign creation:

Essentially this new (and awesome) targeting allows you to focus your ads on either website visitors or a contact list you can upload to LinkedIn directly.

I’m quite excited about this given we already retarget on both AdWords and Facebook, yet LinkedIn is where most of our quality traffic comes from. Given our email list is 5000 strong (which is small to most business owners but our list is highly, highly targeted), a quick upload is going to help us re-engage our audience.

Website Visitors:

Setting up website visitor retargeting appears to be as simple as entering your URL

… Then dropping the snippet code they provide you on your site:

Simple, right?

Uploading a Contact List:

Uploading a contact list for LinkedIn re-targeting is just as simple as it sounds once you click the “Create an Audience” button. All you have to do is select whether you want to upload an account list (to target companies) or an individulal contact list:

As you can see I’ve selected to upload a contact list as most of my customers are solo decision makers – it does me no little good to target their employees in the organization.

For you this probably varies.

NOTE: Bit annoying but you must upload a contact list with ONLY the email addresses of your contacts, any information in additional columns breaks the upload. Easy enough once you know it:

And then you’ll see this lovely message … almost done!

Finally, you’ll have the options to choose whether you want to show ads outside of LinkedIn, and if you want LinkedIn to help find you more people similar to the audience you’ve just uploaded or re-targeted. Then hit “Next”

Sorry, guys, I lied. THIS is the last step:

I hope this was helpful for everyone, it certainly motivated me to get started on this as I’d been putting it off a few days.

Will report back my results here, so if anyone want to follow along join the email list!

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