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The strategy I share that we’ve used to grow ZenMaid using LinkedIn can be boiled down to 3 simple points:

1) Engage on LinkedIn Groups and build your reputation
2) Connect with, and message, the members of the LinkedIn Groups from Step 1
3) Once you have some social proof, you can start running highly targeted and effective paid ads to your audience

If you’re looking for a more extensive breakdowns of the strategies you’ll find plenty of details on this site for free.

Or you can get the full system in order, broken down in detail, and with examples of everything we’ve done. We just released our book that’s jam-packed with examples of all the strategies and tactics we share, specific outbound messaging templates you can steal, and actionable ways to go about actually building your professional reputation on LinkedIn.

And the best part about it? Most of what you’ll learn directly applies to other social media! I, for example, am actually following very similar processes on Facebook at the moment to supplement the results we’re already driving from LinkedIn.

Want to take your LinkedIn game to the next level? PayPal me through the link below and I’ll share the book with you + answer any questions you have ­čÖé

You can review the full outline of the book here:

Comprehensive LinkedIn Marketing – The Book Outline

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